Welcome to the Minecraft Paleontology and Archeology Wiki!

This Minecraft wiki is a fanmade wiki, nothing in this wiki is real. This wiki is a fun idea if Minecraft had Paleontology and Archeology built-in its game. Extinction events and Periods (the updates)

Periods Edit

Release (Kolois Period)

Indev 0.31 (Archian Period)

Alpha (Ischyrosian Period)

Beta (Katalixian Period)

1.0 (Pre-Endormian Period)

1.1 (Theosian Period)

1.2 (Zounklian Period)

1.3 (Archaioinian Period)

1.4 (Kakonian Period)

1.5 (Anaptyxian Period)

1.6 (Alogonian Period)

1.7 (Megalosian Period)

1.8 (Yperian Period)

1.9 (Endormian Period)

1.10 (Pagosian Period)

1.11 (Koryifian Period)

1.12 (Chromian Period)

1.13 (Nerosian Period)

1.14 (Paron Period)

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